Monday, February 29, 2016

This is Belring

I have HUGE news.  Millie has an imaginary friend!  He's a snow-monster named Belring, and he's awesome. I know what you're thinking "Belring is the best snow monster name I have ever heard." I know. She came up with it herself, and it was my proudest parenting moment to-date.  Belring apparently wears a tiara, and eats dog food, and plays the banjo. The other night, Sean and I followed Millie around with a notebook and asked her questions about Belring. We wrote down everything she said, and I've put this book together based on the information we collected. Literally everything in this book came from her imagination, not mine. 

*a note from the Artistic Director:  As Millie's mother, I also served as conceptual artist on this project. The way this worked is that I randomly drew very poorly conceived snow monsters and Millie shouted "No! That's not Belring!"  Until I drew this guy: 

Look at his awful face. I love it so much.
Finally, Millie squealed in delight.  Yes! She cried!  That's Belring!


Imagined By: Millie
Written and Illustrated By: Katie 

Do you know Belring?

He lives in the snow.

Belring wears a tiara.

Do you wear a tiara?


Belring eats dog food,
and watermelon.

Do you eat dog food?


Yuck, Belring. 

  Belring’s friends are Teddy Bear, Raccoon, and Madeline the Squirrel.

Do you have friends?
Oh, Good.

Belring plays the Banjo.

And he sings his ABCs. 

Can you sing your ABC’s?

Belring has parents.
Belring listens to his parents... most of the time.

Do you listen to your parents?

At night, Belring sleeps on the floor.

Do you sleep on the floor?

No, you sleep in a bed. 

Goodnight Belring!

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