About Us

About Sean and Katie's Place

Hi! We are Sean and Katie, and welcome to our place!

This blog is primarily written by Katie (that's me!) You could probably call it a mommy blog, although there is also a good bit in here about our crazy dog, THE CRICKET, our home improvement endeavors, our former life as hipster musicians, and my new writing and art projects.

You will probably like this blog if you enjoy reading about:

1. Being a Mom-- but not one that has her shit together, and also one that says "shit" a lot.
2. My dreamy, dreamy, husband and all of his associated facial hair.
3. How my life relates to Star Wars, Harry Potter, or LOTR.
4. Edible landscaping, suburban homesteading, and the inconsiderate deer who love eating organic vegetables, but hate eating poison ivy.

I hope you enjoy your stay at Sean and Katie's Place, and visit again soon!

To read more about about the inspiration for starting seanandkatiesplace.blogspot.com, you can read the first post, here

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