Sunday, October 9, 2016

Katie's book launch, and free Crocodile Knitting Pattern!

It's finally happening!
I'm publishing my book! Twisted Tales for Tacky Children is a collection of the silly poems, songs, and illustrations I wrote for my daughter, Millie.  For example, the crocodile on the cover of the book is from a song I wrote for her about a crocodile that loves eating babies, but hates eating vegetables. (He's wicked, scheming, and terrified of spaghetti squash!)
Want to make my little indie author dreams come true?  Click here and pre-order a copy. 

To celebrate the release of this book, I'm also publishing this free knitting pattern for a crocodile hat.
I hope you like this pattern, and if you're knitting it as a gift, you'll consider ordering Twisted Tales to accompany it! I need to sell 750 pre-order copies to earn a publishing contract!

Click here for the "Mean Old Crocodile" Hat