Sunday, September 1, 2013

How to Make Homemade Baby Food Which Your Child Will Refuse to Eat

If you're a new mom like me, you are probably really concerned about the integrity of the solid foods you are feeding your baby.  I took a jar of sweet potatoes and did a little research. Here are the hard-hitting areas my study focused on:

  • What is the nutritional value of this jar of sweet potatoes? 
  • What is their carbon footprint? 
  • What about pesticides?
  • Does your product come with a complimentary stain remover?  
  • Theoretically, if the entire jar of your product was poured on top of a mother's head, and then the mother did not have time to shower that night, how orange would it turn her hair? 
  • Are we talking sexy strawberry highlights, or the full Carrot Top?
  • Do you think this gob of sweet potato in my hair is noticeable?

Not a single baby food manufacturer was able to answer these questions, leaving me boggled with the lack of accountability in the baby food industry. That is why most moms agree that it is best to make your baby's food at home using fresh, local, and organic ingredients.  This solution is a no-brainer, in the sense that if you think you are actually going to have time to make baby food from scratch, you have no brain.

The other day, I made some baby food from scratch---using peaches I bought at the Farmers Market. (That's right, other moms- suck it!)  This process was a huge pain in the ass, but I knew Millie loved them, so I did it anyways.  I stock-piled so many servings of frozen pureed peaches, that I could have been filming an episode of Doomsday Preppers. After it was over I felt like I deserved a medal or something.  That's why I made this medal for myself.  If you are a mom out there making her own baby food, feel free to print yourself out a copy!

medal of motherhood

Here is the method I used for preparing the food, in case any of you are experiencing a similar lapse in your ability to distinguish a "good idea" from a "life-sucking waste of time!"

baked peaches for babyfood
Fresh Peaches, halved, pitted, and sitting in baking dishes about 1/2 full of water

peaches, slip off skins
After the Peaches have been baked at 400 degrees for 12 minutes, the skins are ready to slip off

how to make peach baby food
Skins Slipped off and into the Food Processor

Pureed Peaches
Into a large pitcher for ease of pouring

freezing peach baby food
Into these handy little bags designed for freezing breast milk, so I can have individual portions of Peaches ready to go for Millie all winter!

I know you all must be impressed! I know I was!  I know Sean was! You know who wasn't impressed? Millie.  That's right.  Millie watched me carefully processing a milk crate full of raw peaches, and made a solemn vow to herself, "I will never eat one those again. Ever.

So, now I have a stockpile of pureed peaches in my freezer, which I'm hoping to unload in some creative and lucrative way. (Note- if any of you reading this happen to write for a health and beauty magazine, I could really use an article on the restorative and anti-aging properties of organic peach puree!) In the meantime, I'll be at my house, cleaning up the shrapnel of rejected peach baby food, and  polishing my Congressional Medal of Motherhood, which is a little sticky at the moment. 


  1. That'll make great smoothies. Now don't offer Millie any of it. The way to get food into kids is not offer them what you are eating. Then when they beg and beg, just give 'em a tiny bite. They'll love it and beg for more, but just don't give 'em too much of the good stuff.

    If smoothies don't do it for you I'm sure there is somewhere on the internet that says peach puree makes a great facial mask, it probably takes 3 days to dry though.

    Keep these recipes coming.

    1. Judi, you are a genius! Come to think of it, Millie does seem most interested in the food Sean and I are eating but won't/can't give her.

  2. This is half the reason why I voted to skip the purees and just hand Liam whole fruit.

  3. Elliot loved purees for a while, but now that we're into fresh fruit season, he's done. Whole fruit only. I too have lots of frozen pureed peaches in my freezer.

    1. Kira, I guess the only responsible parenting move is to have a Peach Daiquiri Party...