Monday, July 10, 2017

And the Winner Is...

Two days ago, I asked you to help me name my Uterus, who, before her untimely death made several attempts to murder me.

This has been one of my favorite blog posts ever, because of everyone's hilarious comments.  My favorite comment came from my bestie Stacy who send me this text message:

 "New out out-of-the-box submission for uterus name: Mariah Carey. Now, hear me out. She seems harmless, but every year she comes out of nowhere and just slays the holiday special shows."

This comment made me laugh so hard that I almost ignored the popular vote and just named my uterus Mariah Carey instead.  Among other notable suggestions were: Elle Driver (from Kill Bill,) and Catherine DeMedici. In all, y'all's suggestions were all super on-point and murdery.

Anyways, the results are in, and the winner of the popular vote is:
Cersei Lannister!
This is a screenshot from the google form I made, which-- to my delight- 53 people actually filled out.
To name my uterus is particularly appropriate because Sean and I like to play the game "what if we and all our friends were in Game of Thrones?" In this game, we decide what houses we would be in if we were in GOT.  Sean, clearly, is of the North.  In terms of morality, he's definitely a Stark, and in terms of handsomeness, I like to think of him as sort of a cross between Jon Snow and Daario Naharis. As for me, I am clearly a Wildling, although sometimes Sean says I might be one of those Dornish snake ladies. Either way, both of our houses are definitely enemies with the Lannisters, and it's no wonder Cersei was trying to do me in.

Today, I'm going out-- totally without fear that one of my organs may be plotting against me.  I know that, as a Lannister, my uterus always likes to pay her debts. But this time, I think Cersei overextended her power play.

RIP Cersei Lannister 
Well played, you treasonous wench, well played. 

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