Monday, April 8, 2013

New House, New Baby, New Sean & Katie

Sean and I used to talk about the future in the following order: job, house, baby.  By some miracle, we actually ended up sticking to that plan, but just barely.  We didn't know what to expect when we left our home in the NC mountains for a job opportunity in the flattest part of Ohio-- but we landed on our feet in a great community.  Then, things started changing FAST! We put in an offer on our house and less than week later, we found out that I was pregnant.  Now we are officially adults. We have mortgage, a lawnmower, and a tiny person that screams all the time.  We even have built-in-bookshelves and a food processor, but we don't let it go to our heads.

Our first night in the new house was exciting, in the same way that watching a 70 pound terrier chasing mice around a living room is exciting. Surprise! Congratulations Home-Owners! All this belongs to you!---And to the ten-thousand mice that live in your floorboards! Oh, and also the dishwasher is broken!  

Luckily, I am married to Sean.  For those of you who've never met my husband, he's just like MacGuyver, only dreamier and with a better beard. The point is, Sean can fix things, and I'm not just talking about your standard change-the oil and kill-the-spiders type of fixes. I'm talking about the type of fixes that involve taking a soldering gun to the bowels of your high-def  TV, and making your own fuel out of repurposed vegetable oil. 

Sean's ability to fix things is rivaled only by my craftiness. I am the craftiest lady you ever met.  I can take a pile of discarded and worthless junk, and--using only my creativity and vision--transform it into a pile a discarded and worthless junk WITH GLITTER. If Martha Stewart married your middle school Shop teacher, and then they had a baby, and then that baby was allowed to run feral in the woods of Appalachia and taught all the major cuss words, then that baby would be a lot like me. 

So, as you can imagine, Sean and I are pretty much the best team imaginable to tackle the perils of home-ownership, and create a safe, beautiful environment for our little one to destroy every bit of grow up in.  In this blog, I will attempt to document our adventures in parenting, DIY projects, and adulthood in general. 

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  1. You have no idea how badly I wished that we lived closer. Move to Brevard NC in about 4 years please!